>Base Paper From IEEE & Science Direct

>Training & Development in MATLAB/NS2/VLSI

>Support in All Engineering Domain

>Full Online Support Till Project Submission

>Thesis Writing and Editing Services

>Expected Result and Knowledge Gap Analysis


>Reference Paper Selection

>Problem Formulation Help

>Full Online Support Till Project Submission

>Literature Survey Analysis

>Synopsis Preparation

>Thesis Writing and Editing Services



>Proofreading Service

>Science Direct Listed Journal Writing

>Journal Writing and Publishing Help

>Journal Editing in MS Word & Latex Format

>Plagiarism Free Guarantee with Reports

>Scopus Indexed Journal Writing Support

Services For PhD Research

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PhD Thesis Editing service & Proofreading
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 Master's Dissertation Editing Service
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PhD Statistics Help Service
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 PhD Thesis Review service & Corrections
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Research Paper Editing Service & Publication
PhD Thesis Editing Service
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Proposal/Synopsis Development
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Thesis Topic Assistance Service

Dissertation has different connotations in different countries and entails different levels of study in different countries. In the United States of America, the dissertation is defined as the main product of doctoral-level study. In the US the Ph.D. research document is defined as the PhD dissertation, whereas in Europe and the UK it is typically referred to as a Ph.D. thesis.

 Services offered at Eprojecttraining  

Eprojecttraining offers the following types of services to M.Tech, M.Phil, and Ph.D. students:

 >Thesis Editing Services – Thesis Editing Services are offered in order to ensure that the thesis and dissertation are free from errors like grammar, punctuation, spellings which otherwise remain unnoticed while writing.

 >Research Paper Writing/Publication – Research paper writing services in Indore are offered here.  We also give complete assurance of guaranteed research paper publishing in leading international journals like Scopus and IEEE.

 >Plagiarism Removal Work – Plagiarism is one of the major causes of the rejection of the thesis and many students are unaware of that. Eprojecttraining offer thesis plagiarism checking services by using a   highly advanced plagiarism checker software.

 >Thesis Proofreading Services – Proofreading services are provided to improve the overall quality and structure of the thesis. A properly formatted thesis will have a good impression on the reader. Your thesis will have more chances of acceptance.

Benefits of choosing our services

Students coming to us for thesis writing services in Indore will get the following benefits:

>Thesis Help in Indore

>Thesis Writing Services in Indore

>Thesis Guidance by Ph.D. holder professionals

>Discount to students coming in groups

>Online mode of communication

>Services provided on time

>Free of cost latest IEEE base paper for revision

>Highly affordable price

>Free tool support for thesis implementation