Design a intelligent mobile information recommendation system using Hadoop
Smart recommendation of mobile services to consumers
Analysis the remote sensing data using big data mining with hadoop tools
Design a framework for health care monitoring system using Big data Analysis
Data Analysis on Social website using big data management tools
Novel Technique for discovery threat in cloud environment using big data analytics approach
Design a new algorithm for data classification using apache spark
Real time Consumer data analysis using Flume
Design a novel algorithm for Diabetic patient data analysis using hadoop

Design and implementation big data application for student behaviour prediction using multi-level clustering

Event data classification using map reduce model with the help of Big Data Clustering

Novel technique for big data clustering using machine learning

Improving the performance of big data clustering using ant colony optimization

Design Novel framework using machine learning for big data analysis

Task scheduling algorithm for improving big data classification using Deep learning

Data Classification using genetic algorithm for  Medical Diagnosis

Improving big data classification algorithm using Automatic kNN

Improving E learning system using big data technique

Privacy preservation technique for improving big data security using association rules

Modified Particle swam optimization for improving big data clustering

Big data clustering using swarm optimization

Novel technique for big data classification using Glowworm Swarm Optimization

Memory optimization based on genetic algorithm

Data mining using multilevel clustering for Spatial Temporal data classification

Uncertain Data classification using machine learning algorithm

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