Our online training organization provide the internship on the live projects. we provide the internship for minimum 3 months and max 6 months . Students which will be connected with our organization will never face the problems because we work on the real world projects ,our company deals with the ranging projects for the development of the applications. Internship projects are boost up for  the carrier of the new ones with the help of  experienced adults , we provide   the   unpaid internship which is based on topics, we provide a unique topic for the internship projects which is more important for the interns.  We provide the certified internship which is also important for the interns.

Internship duration are based on the project you have chosen, basically most of the internship duration is based on the type of a project. Terms and conditions will be written on the form which is to be filled at the time of registration.

  • java
  • oracle
  • J2EE
  • PHP
  • UNIX

We work on the recent computer science projects which are used in computer engineering students ,most of the projects where related to the designing and development of the various applications . many of the projects were implemented by the computer languages  by using  related tools like PHP ,JAVA ORACLE , PYTHON,.NET, ETC.

Some of the internship projects on which our expertise guided the students are

  • Voice mails for blinds
  • ATM card reader with the help of face recognition
  • Personal folder securities with Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
  • Multidimensional and color imaging projection
  • Designing of the E-billing implementation
  • Travelling salesman problem using c#
  • Digital media marketing